Potential users are asked to fill out a Project Application Form (click to view and print). As well as establishing eligibility, the information from the application helps maintain a database on facility use. This will be used for progress reports, grant applications, and identifying future Laboratory needs. The application also makes the Laboratory aware of your project so that we can provide the best possible technical advice.

A formal two- to three-hour training session is required of all users. Care of equipment will be emphasized. Until properly trained, users may not operate the equipment without staff present. Following approval by the Laboratory manager for independent usage, microscope access will be available through online sign-up calendars. Experienced users may use the facility after hours and on weekends with approval. The Laboratory staff is always available for questions and consultations.

Please contact Ronald Kalil at to schedule a training session.

Imaging Service Fee Per Hour
Training $125
Manager-Assisted Use $125
Independent Radiance Usage $65
Independent 1024 Usage $65
Corporate Usage *
New rates effective January 1st, 2010. *Usage rates for non-academic entities are negotiated on an individual basis; please contact Lance Rodenkirch (email and phone above) for additional information.

Note: Reserved time must be cancelled 24 hours beforehand to avoid any charges.

The Laboratory will consider annual memberships for those who anticipate heavy microscope usage during the coming year. Membership details will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Major User Discounts
Any laboratory using a total (from both systems) of more than twenty hours per month will receive discounts on the additional hours as follows:
> 21-30 hours: normal rates less 5%
> 31-40 hours: normal rates less 10%
> 41+ hours: normal rates less 15%

The Laboratory requests acknowledgment in any resulting publications and two copies of any reprints.